Friday, June 11, 2010

Come on India! Part-II

Hi friends, do you know we live in a Nation where Pizza reaches home faster than Ambulance and Police, where you can avail Car Loan at 5%, but Education Loan at 12%, Sugar Rs.50/ kg, but Simcard free!!! Amazing, but it’s true.
Really, Incredible India!
Once, an American friend visited India and went back to America.
I asked him, how did you find my Country?
The American friend said it is a great country, with solid ancient history
and immensely rich in natural resources.
Again I asked how you found Indians.

Who Indians?
I didn't find or met a single Indian there in India.

What nonsense?
Who else could u met in India then?
The American friend said,
In Kashmir I met a Kashmiri,
In Punjab a Panjabi,
In Orissa, Bihar, Maharashtra, Rajasthan, Bengal, Tamil Nadu, Kerala I found
Oriya, Bihari, Marathi, Marwari, Bengali, Tamil, Karalee respectively.

Then I met:
A Hindu,
A Muslim,
A Christian,
A Jain,
A Buddhist

And many many more
But not a single Indian did I meet

Think how serious this joke is..
The day would not be so far off when indeed we would become a collection of Nation States as some regional separatist politicians want it!
Come on India!
Always say I am Indian; proudly claim that I’m an Indian!
Jai hind!

Wednesday, May 26, 2010

Go-Getting Attitude - Nothing on Earth Can Stop You!

No, God, no Allah can stop the person with go-getting attitude, who follows one path with self-confidence. Yes, I know God is Powerful and omnipotent, but you can challenge the almighty by dint of your deeds. And the almighty has to salute you. It is said, 'nothing is impossible'. Let us create another history and somebody else writes it.

Annals of history say, 10,000 times failure of Thomas Edison before he finally invented the light bulb, nearly thirty years of ups and downs of President Abraham Lincoln, 16 times failure of Muhammad Ghazni before he finally defeated Prithiraj Chauhan.

We have Beethoven, who was told he had no talent in music, Henry Ford, who was broke at the age of 40, young cartoonist, Walt Disney, was told that he wasn't good at cartooning, bollywood king Amitabh Bachchan was rejected as he was 'too tall and thin' and also rejected in an All India Radio audition because of a 'heavy voice'! But, later all these people became successful because they had possessed go-getting attitude.

So, what is this go-getting attitude? How does nothing on earth can stop you achieving goal?

It is simply "arise, awake and stop not till the goal is achieved" in the words of Swami Vivekananda. Self-doubt and fear are likely to creep around often. Understand that these are not unbeatable. Never allows it. While stepping forward on the jagged path of your life, you should not throw discontent looks to other and should not always, spend your time in comparing others' happiness to your own. Because, by doing so, you are losing your concentration and forgot the right path in front.

True failure only happens when one gives up. They are convinced that they cannot do it; therefore, they will not try, but shy. You must try rather than shy, without asking why. Failure breaks us and makes us. Those who are broken by failure are troubled by unpleasant memories. These memories reveal as shadows from the half closed door of memories that prowl from all sides, from above and beneath, from front and behind. It is that cage which traps the mind, preventing it to divert possibilities of freedom and success.

Take an example of a dull student of standard ten who was always getting poor marks in all subjects, couldn't memorize answers. One day caught the attention of an innovative teacher. The teacher tried to find out a solution for him. The teacher came closer to him, behaves like a friend and tried to understand the root cause of the problem.

He discovers some basic and associate problems like low confidence level and poor English. He was unable to understand long and complex sentences.

This has led him towards failure; he was harassed and gave up study. The teacher came out with some practical solution with success mantras. The teacher asked to think of the topper student of the class. What he is having, that you haven't? All the power is within you, you can do anything and everything, believe in that. Do not believe that you are weak. Almost you both have same thing, sharing same class, same materials, living same room of the hostel etc. Then where is the problem lies? Have you ever tried to find it? Remember, until and unless you knock the door, it will not open. It is said, "If there is a will, there is a way." Find the root cause of the areas of problem, work on it and believe in that every problem has a solution.

The teacher asked to fragment the long and complex sentences into small, use own words which is easy to memorize. So, now with a zest of go-getting attitude the student top the class in final exam surprising everybody.

Life is a long journey, we all are travelers. No matter, how long may the road be; a traveler cannot withdraw his journey! Result may be death, a soldier cannot retreat! No God, no Allah can resist the person who follows one path with confidence! Nothing on earth can stop him.

Perhaps, destination may not come today for this traveler!

Perhaps, victory may not kiss the forehead of this soldier!

But remember!

Someday, somewhere, sometime it has to come.

Girlfriend As Your Power Booster!

She is the most beautiful creation ever created by God; she is the toughest and charming among all the females of nature. She is 'Venus', she is 'the Grace' and she is 'the power booster'. Even, she is worshiped as 'Goddess'. Yes, she is none else than a girlfriend. A girlfriend plays an important role in love life. She can make us or break us. Her deep hugs can make you to forget you all the danger, her blue eyes can make you to fly; her sweet kisses can make you to feel bliss. She is truly the 'source of inspiration' for you.

One day, I met one of my old friends. He was my college mate at Ravenshaw College. He was dull, reserve and of course was a geek, so was his life. He used to scoreless in exam, unable to compete for anything. But, he was Mr. Perfect in imagination. He was always wondering in his imaginary world.

The day I met him, he was completely changed man. He was no more a geek, rather he was Mr. Possible. Whatever job undertaking was successful. Now, he had become a magic man. When I asked, how this miracle happened, he replied I got vitamin 'U' (you). I am surprised! What is that? I know in medical science there are vitamin like vitamin A, B, C, D, E and K, etc. But, what is that called vitamin 'U'? Then, he explained to me that by profession I am a doctor, I know a number of vitamins, medicines, but vitamin 'U' was referred by my girlfriend when she feels a little sick, a little tired, a little dizzy and very much cold, she told me she is missing me a ton and told I need you that is you are my vitamin. No, other medicine, vitamin or therapy will work on me dear. From that day when we feel a little sick, a little tired, a little dizzy and very much cold we need vitamin 'U' for each-other.

Yes, miracle happened to my friend after he got his girlfriend. She was the real power booster of his career and life. She was the inspiration for him. He can jump the Himalaya; he can dive into the Pacific. It is because her honestly promise, her everlasting devotion, respect and loyalty proved unconditional love and made him Mr. Possible.Contextual Links